How do you make 5 mornings so magic they disappear? You spend them in the forest at the beginning of summer!


So much to explore, experience, and learn, including how to listen to a forest for an answer (“Earth, Water, Trees and Sand, May we enter Mi’kmaq land?”),  how to walk on the uneven forest floor together, and how to sing grattitude to the forest for welcoming us.

When we arrive, we hang up our packs and learn how and what we can play with and how to care for each other and the forest. Each day the play grows begins and grows richer as a friend opens a shop, many pizzas are delivered, Sammy is fed, the clay is brought out, roly polys are rolled down a  slide, nests are passed around gently, stories and books are read, and a swing becomes a surf board! Oh and we even got to sing Happy Birthday to a friend who turned 4 this week!





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