Session 1: September 14, 2017

This afternoon we ran around and played on the playground for a bit before heading down to the park! On the route to down to base camp we discovered that if we put our hand in a hole near the bottom of a tree and someone put their hand in on the other side, we could touch! It was scary at first but then we couldn’t stop laughing!


We picked the last of the huckleberries along the way and discovered many beautiful mushrooms as well. We decided to stop at the big oak tree to have snack.


After snack we practiced some knots, and tied difficult ones up to see if a leader could untie it in 60 seconds! Those who stumped the leader would get a special amethyst stone next week! We put up a few hammocks by the oak tree and built onto our fairy garden from last spring.


Session 2: September 21, 2017

On the way to base camp we stopped at the orange clay cliff to “mine” some of the rock. We found a salamander under a rock and put it back safely after everyone had a chance to check it out! 


We lashed up a flip bar up at camp so we could do some flips and climb higher up the tree!


We designed our very own grappling hooks today– tying rope around a stick and then tossing it up to see if it could catch a branch. After some of this we decided we could pull down a dead tree with our grappling hooks, so everyone working together attached their grappling to the tree. We pulled and pulled until finally it fell! What great teamwork!



Session 3: September 28, 2017

We had so much fun in the rain today! We hiked down to base camp and had snack. After snack we made grappling hooks and made up different games to play with everyone and their hooks.


A few of us also made clay faces on the trees using things we found in nature like berries for eyes and old moss for hair! On our way out today we stopped at the river to send a few stick boats down, the water was moving so fast!



Session 4: October 5, 2017

This afternoon at base camp we played on the slackline, it is hard to get your balance, but fun to jump on!


We also started to make bow and arrows with wood Heidi brought for us! We learned about our ‘blood bubble’ and how to whittle wood properly always pointing  down and away from us. We can’t wait to practice with them next week!


We also found some Maple seeds and pretended they were earrings.


Session 5: October 12, 2017

On our hike down we stopped to feed Sammy the Squirrel, admired a few squirrels in the trees, took at rest under the meditation tree and rode the dragon rock!


After snack we played on the slackline, finished our bow and arrows and practiced shooting them! We have to make sure their is no one in our path before we aim our bow. We practiced with each other and even got to add some feathers to our arrows to make them go faster!



Session 6: October 19, 2017

We ran all the way down to our base camp today so we would have lots of time to play! We had snack after arriving and then played a story game. We were given a few random objects and then we made up a story about them. We told some pretty silly stories!


For the rest of the afternoon we used our bow and arrows. We made a competition out of it, adding more points if our arrows stuck into the ground! Some of us also whacked old tree logs with sticks.


Session 7: October 26,2017

This afternoon we did flips on the bar and some of us even got to make quivers for our arrows!


Most of the afternoon the bow enthusiasts practiced training maneuvers consisting of running up and down the hill, twists and turns and proper aiming! Of course all done with the proper safety measures!


Session 8: November 2, 2017

On the way to basecamp we found some excellent trees for walking sticks! The trees were dead so we each got to saw one to fit our height!


At basecamp we tried to start a small fire using flint and steel. It was hard! Just a little bit of wind can make it really difficult. With help from the leaders we finally got a spark to heat up water in the Kelly Kettle.


The rest of the afternoon we practiced with our bow and arrows and did flips on the bar.


Session 9: November 9, 2017

For our last afternoon together we did flips on the bar, practiced with our bows and created some more arrows. We had a few archery challenges, the arrows with feathers really fly much better!

We sat around a leaf mandela together and talked about things we learned, challenges we had and funny moments we shared at forest school!


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