Session 1: September 14, 2017

This morning we stopped at the hollow tree to see who could fit inside! Most of us could, we just had to take our backpacks off! We climbed up the rocky mountain, giving the gate keeper a special nature ticket. Once we got to forest school we made our own seesaw to balance on!

After snack we did a lot of swinging in the hammock, more balancing and climbing on the dragon tree!

Session 2: September 21, 2017

This morning on our way to forest school we played in the hollow tree again and pretended we were surfing on an old log!

Once we got to the forest school site we played on the platform, sending things up and down with the basket and pulley. We made some soup and muffins, swung on the hammocks, played with loose parts and used the seesaw!

We did some flips on the bar and got to look at slugs and caterpillars up close with our magnifying glasses before we hiked back down for the day.

Session 3: September 28, 2017

Cancelled due to risk of thunder and lightening storm.

Session 4: October 5, 2017

On our hike into the forest school site today we collected some mushrooms and got to look closely at the berries of Indian Cucumber Root (Medeola virginiana)! We played in the hollow tree and pretended old tree trunks were our surf/snow boards.

After arriving to site we played on the climbing frame, made soup and piled loose parts to see how high we could get them!

After snack, some of us rested in the hammocks while others went off to play hide-and-seek whistle tag! We found some really good hiding spots, we even found some old charcoal from a fire someone had made. We didn’t have time this week but thought we could try to make it into paint for next week!

Session 5: October 12, 2017

Fall is in the air! We hiked up to site bundled in our toques and mittens. We stopped on a small hill that was perfect for rolling down! We gathered a leaf that had changed yellow for the gatekeeper, then climbed up the mountain, making sure to step on Mr. Rocky Cliff’s forehead!

We arrived and did some painting with the charcoal we found last week, played with the water and funnel and climbed on the climbing frame!

After snack we went for a hike to Fairy Mountain! We stopped at the Gruffalo Cave for some jumping. It was nice and sunny on top of Fairy Mountain so we stayed here for a bit, finding a new climbing tree and then listened to a story Sammy the Squirrel brought us!

Session 6: October 19, 2017

This morning along the way to forest school we stopped at the hollow tree and practiced balancing on some old logs.

We left some seeds out for the squirrels, played on the climbing frame and walked across the dragon tree! We finished off the morning sitting around the small fire from the Kelly Kettle, drinking hot apple cider and afterwards doing some more playing!

Session 7: October 26, 2017

Today at forest school we painted with charcoal paint, balanced on boards and left out seeds for the squirrels and chickadees!

Some of us worked together to make a giant spider web out of yarn and others made chocolate muffins to share. We also did a lot jumping in the leaves!

Session 8: November 2, 2017

We had some visitors this morning! CBC Nova Scotia stopped by to take a closer look at what forest school is all about! You can watch the clip here( check out the 14 minute mark) : .

Once we arrived to our site this morning we did some hammering, played with the water, used the pulley and left seeds for the critters!

After snack we jumped in the leaves and made a game, rolling chestnuts down a piece of wood!

Session 9: November 9, 2017

Before snack this morning we played around the site, using the pulley, making soups and stews and climbing on the frame. A few of us were very patient and sat very still and quiet and had chickadees feed from our hands! It was magical.

After snack we went for a hike to Fairy Mountain. We stopped for some jumping off the Gruffalo Rock and then continued up the mountain to the sunshine! On top of Fairy Mountain we got to climb a tree! We could see so much from a few branches up. Before heading back to the site we had story time!


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