Session 1: September 15, 2017

This morning, after saying our forest school oath, where we promise to take care of ourselves, each other and nature we walked into our site! Once we arrived we played around the site swinging, building, sawing and getting to know one another before having snack.


After snack we decided to go for a hike to Fairy Mountain and to check if there were any huckleberries. To our luck, there was! We picked the last of the huckleberries ( still leaving some behind for the birds and other forest critters) before we continued our hike. We saw so many mushrooms- tiny ones, big orange ones, red ones, and ones that were gooey!



Along the way out we spotted several squirrels and caterpillars. We used some magnifying glasses to get a closer look!



Session 2: September 22, 2017

This morning we were excited to discover that Heidi had brought in a few mushroom books! Along the walk in we saw A LOT of mushrooms and tried to identify some using the books! It was not the easiest task, there are so many mushrooms in the forest!


Once we arrived to the site we played around on the slackline and on the platform before having snack. Afterwards, a few of us went to see if there were any huckleberries and the rest stayed behind and played games with the funnel, tube and water.



We did some tent building with tarps, learning some knots and how to make tent pegs from sticks,before heading out for the day!


Session 3: September 29, 2017

On the way into forest school this morning we stopped to play in the puddles, jumping and balancing on logs.After arriving to our site we played on the platform and built tents with tarps before having snack.


After snack we decided to take a hike to the waterfall! The waterfall was roaring with water! We played along the sides, sending leaf boats down and playing with the foam. After lots of playing here we hiked back to get our backpacks and head out for the day!



Session 4: October 6, 2017

Today we did some playing on the platform, cut some Japanese Knotweed into flute pieces and whittled some wood.


After snack we all played together– a tag like game, where we had two teams! We played this for the rest of the morning.



Session 5: October 13, 2017

This morning we decided we would go for a hike to Charlies Lake! After some playing at the forest school site and snack we were off on our adventure.


Along the way we found an excellent climbing tree, we all stopped for a climb. We arrived to the lake and after taking off some layers played around on the rocks. Some of us sang songs and pretended we were acting in a play.


We got to have a small fire–using the kelly kettle! We used the kettle to heat water and added it to apple cider for a warm treat! We played a small game of hide and seek before heading back to the forest school sites to get out backpacks!


Session 6: October 20, 2017

Wow! There are so many leaves on the ground these days. We began the morning collecting beautiful leaves on our way into forest school! We found almost all the colour in the rainbow!


We played at the site before snack, making paint from charcoal, using the pulley and doing flips on the bar.

We journeyed to the waterfall after snack and what a difference since last time! We caught a frog and got to look at it up close in the bucket, looked at water striders and saw a duck! We played around the waterfall coming up with a new game where we used the leaves for money!

Session 7: October 27, 2017- No session this week, staff away at conference.

Session 8: November 3, 2017

This morning we left seeds for the squirrels, chickadees and chipmunks! We set up little tables near their favourite tree for them to eat from.

We painted on the board with charcoal paint, sang songs, played on the climbing frame and played a games using ropes. What a great morning!


Session 9: November 10, 2017

Rain! We set up our own shelters using the tarps, explored and played around site.

We made silly faces, had chickadees eat from our hands and got to look at different animal bones! We also did some deconstructing, taking down the climbing frame. We had a great last session of the year!


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