Session 1: September 16, 2017

This afternoon we were busy! On our way up to forest school we tested to see who could fit in the hollow tree, after climbing up the mountain we reached our site!

We did lots of swinging as well as hammering and nailing to finish up the platform.We did some digging to make soup, cakes and muffins and collected different colour mushrooms, using the mushroom book to see if we could identify any!

We did lots of flips on the climbing bar and a few of us went to the Gruffalo cave for some awesome jumping! We ended the afternoon with quiet sit spots, a time where we go and sit quietly, listening to all the amazing sounds of nature around us!


Session 2: September 23, 2017

This afternoon we discovered some bugs and looked at them closely with our magnifying glasses. We played on the platform, swung on the swings and relaxed in the hammocks.

After snack we did some hammering and nailing to make a treasure box, walked on the slackline and we created a Fairy garden with swings, hammocks, a magical pond and other things for the fairies to enjoy!

Session 3: September 30, 2017- no session, staff at conference.

Session 4: October 7, 2017- no session because of Holiday weekend.

Session 5: October 14, 2017

This afternoon we worked together to put up the pulley, set out seeds and watched the shrew and chipmunk, played on the climbing frame and built a slug habitat!

We talked about the importance of bugs in the forest and how we should leave them be since we are in their home! Even if we don’t like them very much, we should make sure not to disturb them. Like we say in our Forest School Oath we promise to take care of ourselves, others and nature!

We closed the afternoon sitting in our sit spots, looking up at all the beautiful changing leaves.

Session 6: October 21, 2017

This afternoon some of us got crafty and used yarn to make stick masterpieces! Some of us used hammer and nails to make a signs to identify where the science lab was and other play areas and others played on the slackline!

We ended the afternoon playing at the Gruffalo Cave and taking some quiet time in our sit spots.


Session 7: October 28, 2017

This afternoon we fed the chipmunks, squirrels and chickadees seeds and came up with names for all the different critters. We drew pictures, jumped from the Gruffalo rock, made crafts with yarn and played on the climbing frame!

Session 8: November 4, 2017

Before snack this afternoon we spent sometime hanging out in the hammocks, drawing pictures and playing on the climbing frame.

After snack we took a hike to the waterfall! We played along the waterfall, catching foam, sending sticks down and leaves! We found some red berries and squished them in our hands, they were yellow inside! We even saw a tadpole swimming in the pond!


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