Session 1: September 16, 2017

This morning at Saturday Adventures we did a lot of balancing on a teeter totter we made from loose parts. We went on it with new friends and also used it for figuring out what items were heavier!

We did flips on the bar, swinging on the swing and started building the platform to play on!


Session 2: September 23rd

We started off this morning by working together to put up the walls and a roof on the platform. We wrapped tarps around the trees and created a ridge-line along the top for the roof! We did some climbing and swinging before having snack.

After snack we decided we wanted to go on an adventure off site! We hiked to the waterfall. We stopped along the way looking at mushrooms, some were bigger than our hands, others so tiny we could barely see them. We stopped at the lake before heading to the waterfall to play and look for frogs!

We headed back to our site with some time to play on the platform and swing!

Session 3: September 30, 2017- No session, staff at conference.

Session 4: October 7, 2017- No session because of Holiday weekend.

Session 5: October 14, 2017

This morning we saw a few critters! After laying out some seeds a shrew, chipmunk and squirrel came to feast. We watched in awe. We cut some Japanese Knotweed into flute pieces and some of us also set up a fairy garden!

To wind down at the end of this session we went to our sit spots with hot apple cider and watched the changing leaves above our heads.


Session 6: October 21, 2017

This morning we played on the slackline, watched Sammy the squirrel eat the seeds we left out, did some painting with charcoal, made nature journals and swung on the swing!

Session 7: October 28, 2017

This morning we stuck around site playing on the bar, climbing frame and swing. We also collected leaves and other forest treasures which some of us added to our nature journals!

We left seeds for the chipmunks, squirrels and chickadees. Some of us sat in awe as the chickadees flew around of heads and would swoop in for a seed. We could even hear their tiny wings flap!


Session 8: November 4, 2017

Brrrr… it was chilly this morning! We bundled up and headed into the forest! Once we arrived to our site we played on the swing and climbing frame. Some of us wanted to saw so we made tree cookies! We also left seeds out for the critters, making different platforms for them to eat the seeds from!

After snack we went for a hike to Fairy Mountain to warm up! We found the perfect climbing tree, so spent some time here. On our way back to camp we got to eat some wintergreen berries, yum!


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