Saturday Afternoon Adventures

Session 1: September 16, 2017

This afternoon we were busy! On our way up to forest school we tested to see who could fit in the hollow tree, after climbing up the mountain we reached our site!

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Saturday Morning Adventures

Session 1: September 16, 2017

This morning at Saturday Adventures we did a lot of balancing on a teeter totter we made from loose parts. We went on it with new friends and also used it for figuring out what items were heavier!

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Thursday Afterschool Outside

Session 1: September 14, 2017

This afternoon we ran around and played on the playground for a bit before heading down to the park! On the route to down to base camp we discovered that if we put our hand in a hole near the bottom of a tree and someone put their hand in on the other side, we could touch! It was scary at first but then we couldn’t stop laughing!


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Eyes Wide Open Wednesday Mornings

Session 1: September 13, 2017

6 littles for this morning! We began the morning hiking to play in stinky brook. Along the way we discovered some berries we can’t eat– and some we can, yum, blackberries! We found some bugs and had a laugh at Mr. Rocky Rock who had googly eyes. We popped some spotted  jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) pods in our hands, swished in the mud and made mud faces on the trees, before finally making it to stinky brook! Continue reading “Eyes Wide Open Wednesday Mornings”