Early Summer Mornings

How do you make 5 mornings so magic they disappear? You spend them in the forest at the beginning of summer!


So much to explore, experience, and learn, including how to listen to a forest for an answer (“Earth, Water, Trees and Sand, May we enter Mi’kmaq land?”),  how to walk on the uneven forest floor together, and how to sing grattitude to the forest for welcoming us. Continue reading “Early Summer Mornings”

Spring Saturday Mornings

Session 1: Saturday, May 6

Our first morning together heading out to the new site, we make sure to do our “Circle Oath” to promise to look after ourselves, friends, and nature. We spend time exploring and playing, including a game a camouflage. After snack we head to the Tall Cliffs and explore the little ravine, before finding the trail and walking through the fairy forest, we did get a picture of at least 1 gnome. We also learned how to make our own journals and started writing and drawing in them.

Continue reading “Spring Saturday Mornings”