Wild Child Forest School is part of the forest school movement that is gaining momentum across Canada. This movement aims to provide children with the means of exploring, learning, wondering, wandering, creating, playing, etc. at their pace in a natural setting that they visit over an extended period of time.

The goal of forest schools is to help children and youth find inspiration, build self confidence, and develop healthy self esteem through skill development, hands on activities, and outdoor experiences.

PXL_20201030_142325095.MPForest schools have been around internationally since their start in Denmark in the 1950’s. Much of the recent interest in the movement is due in part to research suggesting that over-scheduled days, increasing sedentary activities and screen time, and less time in nature is normal for many children’s lives in our busy modern world. Forest school provides children with the opportunity to unplug, engage in healthy physical development, and to have positive experiences in nature.

More information about forest schools can be found here at the Forest School Canada site.